Gummy Bear Hundrednaire

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Keep it fresh like I'm Tupperware
Quail man, outside underwear

I'm the Mail man, always deliver
I don't have it in pocket then I got it in my other pair
Baggin saggin Barry
Slap an adversary
I'm not tan
But a lady had been sucking on my milky body
till my neck was like the only place
I didn't have a hicky busting all my capillaries
I'm a human In a cyborg uniform
Find me riding on five horn unicorn
Five horns cause it got five heads
Five heads And they all got dreads
Neon dreads, watch the braids glow
We're Going dummy getting blazed on a rainbow
Blaze the rainbow, so enfuego
It's great to see you Today Show
I'm in the future on the Day After Tomorrow Show
Smoke a fatty while you're puffing on a Marlbro
I don't have to be a billionaire
I'm a gummy bear hundrednaire stacking all the Haribo
And I got sickest barrio
And I got the biggest heart and so
Every time I see an adorable little puppy I know that I'm working on my cardio
I'm working on my Carter flow
I'm Atilla the Hun I'm bucking the run of mill I'm a fucking gorilla
I'm coming to thrill em and I'm no bigger than a garden gnome
And I'm not gonna stop till locked in a coffin
No fuck that, I'll keep going off when dead
and I'm rotten and propped up and stuffed full of cotton

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