Hula Love

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On the isle of Filla Lilla out Hawaii way
A hula maiden gay strolled by a moonlit bay
There come a to court her over the water from a savage Zinga Zululand
A bolo chief-tain grand sang her this lay
And he sang hula hawaiian hula smile on your zing gang a zula
Moonshine above on our sweet jungle love
For you my bolo is swinging for you my love song I'm singing
Come be my hula hula love

But the chief-tain of the warriors from the peaceful Filla Lilla land
Would not give him her hand her love took his stand
Through the rattle of the battle as she heard his sweet voice strong and true
They fled in his canoe over water blue
And he sang hula...
And he sang hula...
Hula love hula love hula love

Autor(es): Buddy Knox / Don Lanier / Jimmy Bowen

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