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I'll do whatever u do

daitai no yakko says you just follow me
sore ni tricked na sleazy ladies
oishii omoi shite you say PIMP
''Would you like some sweet chicks?''

sonnan shinakerya everything alright
sore ni kitsukazu party all night
shitai dake nara be my guest
Go club get drink you stupid shit

One day I found this real hot cutie
nani ka hoshisouna furishite show me
koshi wo shita kara walk up to me
I thought you were like those bad homies

But you were not like them
You agreed to just be my girl
Take off your clothes
Cum in my room

I just wanna hear you say
It's just sono mama de
ai kotoba wa like a Slow down
Hold up Don't stop Kiss me
Amazing kiss for me
It's just sono mama de
Believe in it for me
Like a Up down ha - in out ha -

Amazing kiss for me

Autor(es): Akanishi Jin