Halfway on

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Walked out of bed with a sweater halfway on
Haven't read your books yet but I know your pale mouthed smile
Windy branches on silver sky looked so good
Went out with my suitcase rolling, for maybe a mile

Even birds moving on the white sky
Didn't know if I should stay with some more or should I go
They looked like my hair with your hair in a mess on the sheets
But branches didn't know how long I should stay with you or go

Your aqua eyes ask
But no signs come now

Black birds turning round don't say a word
Tender sometimes you gather me like the market brings the town
Your bright eyes use the word "forever"
But even Samsonite won't say how long i'll love you now

Your aqua eyes are the only things talking
Still I'm asking "should I stay here some more, or go"
I'm asking the morning and branches and birds
That are moving and rolling in the wind sweater halfway on
Thinking "no, no, no, no..."

Your aqua eyes ask
But no signs come now
No signs come, they don't come, they don't come
No signs, no signs come
They don't come, they don't come...

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