Hall of Torment

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the death corpse composed behind
in the dust of their self
to terminate another life
a further obligation to make

wounds of memory for ever to stay
the hall of souls are the hall of pain

reward through a successful life
punish through a painful life
a waiting soul for each new life
the deliverance to penetrate into nirvana
how much life need for all to know
or is to be a punishment about our mistakes
to life with it

to understand what it is

is the source the life - is the source the death

the hall of torment to know more but they feasting
is the waiting room for souls

torment - unknown - pain for fear
torture - yearning - waiting for deliverance

the questions of existens
reality of dream

i can see your pain in my dreams
i can smell your screams in my dreams
i feel your fear - your fear for my dreams

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