I Broke My Own Heart

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I broke my own heart, I thought that I was so smart.
You gave me a true love, and all I did was run around
and the paint the town
but since you put me down,
it's such a blue world
blue because I'm missing you girl.
Like a fool with a wrong scheme,
I was stepping on my own dream
You gave me all of your kisses and all of your love,
and all I ever gave you was a hard time.
I was a fool because I didn't know,
that true love was so hard to find.
I broke my own heart, but if we could maker a new start,
rain or shine please believe me
I'll be true until the end
Yeh well now I was a fool, so I had to fall,
like humpty-dumpty sitting on that wall.
I broke my own heart, can't we patch it up again...

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