Halloween (The Night HE came home)

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Halloween (The Night HE Came Home):
(Dedicated to Donald Pleasence and Akkad)

Michael meyers - stalks the night
this hallows eve - he chose to fight

He escaped - from smiths grove
wild rage - drove him home
dr loomis - hunts the fiend
trying to - stop this killing machine

He sets the trap and awaits
pure evil flows through meyers veins
he is certified insane
bow for the lord of death

Don the white mask of death
haddonfield will suffer his wrath
with a kitchen knife he stabs
samhain the day he acts

Jack-o-lanterns light up the streets
children running around saying trick or treat
a white mask hides the fiend
in the shadows we will meet

Evil turn to flesh
in silence you are slashed
his kind is what he seeks
laurie must die by his hand

Shot stabbed burned and hacked
he always comes back
his home is his lair
bow for the lord of death

I can't die

Look deep into his lifeless eyes
only loomis knows what he fights
he is the harvester of souls
his drive nobody knows

Why won't you die
why won't you die

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