Hallways of Enchanted Ebony

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Kiss me coldly and drain this life from my lips
Let the cold blood flow on it's own
Kiss me coldly and fall away from the soul
Long forgotten

From which of this oak shall I hang myself?
These ebony halls are always dark
From which frostbitten bough shall I die?

As dark as the winter, as black as her ghastly veil
As cold as her whisper and chilling gown

No corridors of life and beauty
These enchanted halls are stained with the blood of night
Ebony halls gleam as ghosts of a fire dance wickedly across a pantheon of marble

These weary eyes shall open no more, frozen tightly by the cold embrace of death
A charnel house of memories torn and burning melancholy shall embrace me now

Hear this call
Beyond endless halls and far across the vast forest, just across the iron gates

As dark as the winter, as black as her grim mask of death
As cold as her sorrow, her ivory tears

No corridors of life and beauty
No blood red sky, no colors left in this world

It was the light's end

Autor(es): John Haughm

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