Happiness Is The Best Revange

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There was a monster at my door
He was the kind you can't ignore
He tried to get underneath my skin
He wanted to make me just like him

You know he never even heard a word of mine
He was too busy playing monster all the time
So I pretended to agree with what he said
So I could retreat to my happiness

Happiness is the best revenge
When I can't win the battle that I'm fighting in
I just go back to my life again
'Cause happiness is the best revenge


There was a dragon on the boulevard
As I was singing in my car
Breathing her fire and blowing smoke
I couldn't see where she wanted to go

You know she never even heard a word of mine
She was too busy playing dragon all the time
So as she started heading east I headed west
Oh, so I could retreat to my happiness

So lucky when you have a life to
Run away from the things that haunt you
Some people just gotta rage instead
'Cause they can't get away
From the monsters in their heads


Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon