Debra Davis

Happy Ending

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I can’t let go, but I can’t hold on anymore
The picture is fading…life closes a door
I am knocking, but you don’t answer like before
God, what is this message you’re sending?
I’m just looking for the happy ending
You pulled me back when I was falling off the edge
Anchored my soul, gave me strength to live again
Now I’m reaching, but I can’t save your life my friend
Oh so many tears I’m spending
Just looking for the happy ending
One more life down to a whisper
Yeah, we were wild and crazy fools
Can’t take the blame cuz the cards fell that way
Didn’t we play by the rules?
Now an angel taps your shoulder in the night
You’re smiling, smiling…no more pain to fight
You were never wrong…it’s this world that wasn’t right
As you close your eyes surrendering
I think I’ve found the happy ending
Just close the book, no more pretending
We both know there’s no happy ending

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