Happy Hallowe'en

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Tied in knots of blood stained ribbon,
it's the saddest gift I've given.
Don't ever look inside.
I can't promise what you'll find.

Happy Hallowe'en.
On your life swear
You won't scream.

By your urge do not be driven.
For inside this box are hidden
horrors best kept concealed.
Blood will flow when they're revealed.

Happy Hallowe'en.
On your life swear
you won't scream.

Happy Hallowe'en.
Are you ready ?
Watch with me,
while the freaks and perverts come clean.
Kill your image.
Kill with me.
Kill your image.

Never take presents from strangers or enemies.
Cos they come with defects and pretexts.
Now you owe me.
Cos I know what you want.
And I know what you need.
And I'll give it to you
so you owe me.
Now you owe me.

Autor(es): Die So Fluid

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