Danger Danger


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Empty canvas in her head painted black or blue or red
Cause she don't care
Picture perfect
Little world broke the spirit of the girl
Now she don't care

He left, he left, and she took it Hard

Empty chamber in the gun
Maybe next time it's the one, but he don't care
He was much too proud to let her see him cry
Now he ain't too proud to let her see him die
Cause he don't care

She left, she left, and he took it Hard

He left
Cold words
Their love
You live

(left & right)
Daddy left my little girl
Left her all alone
Always thought she was the reason
Daddy had to go
She lives with the pain
She hides her fear in shame
And I just want to be the one
To make it go away
I see her drownin' and it kills me
'Cause I can't save her

She cried
Is pain
The chain
Your lie

She left, she left, and he took it Hard

Autor(es): Bruno Ravel / Paul Laine

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