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When I was a kid I learned a lesson from another brother
Older than myself a lesson later that helped
It was a fundamental lesson in the rules of life we're living
Giving me the power later on to help myself
Sometimes you gotta learn the hardest way there is to learn
Can't teach a young man any faster said the master to the hopper
So I do the best I can see this life and understand
This life I lead just like my poppa said

I'm playing hardball
And that's straight down the middle
And straight down the line
So if you're gonna play the game of life son
You better play hardball

I'm up at the crack of dawn. I put my uniform on.
I'm catching the bus without a fuss while I'm sportin' a yawn.
I get to work late. I'm not feelin' too great
'Cause irritated and berated are my boss' best traits.
He says for me to wash the store, sweep and mop the floor.
Do the dishes grant my wishes or you work here no more.
I get minimum wage, I feel I'm trapped in a cage
But I can't survive or stay alive without gettin' paid.

My boss' name is hakheem. I'm not saying he's mean
But if you're leanin you're cleanin until your hands turn green.
I knew a man named Jake. The crap he couldn't take.
He said, "the manager will challenge ya. I'll be at his wake."
He brought a gun to the store. The manager asked what for.
He said, "I'm tired" and fired and ran out the door
But hakheem wasn't hurt when he pulled off his shirt.
He had a vest on his chest that made the bullets not work.

(lyrics form Beverly Hillbillies then repeat 1st verse)

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