Hate Is The Law

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As I hold the blade - A sign of a perfect end
You have spoken your last words - Your final lies!
Stuck in this nightmare called life, I summon thee
The virus I feed - My sweetest destiny

Have faith in poison! Inject venom in my veins!
As I fuse with the roots of chaos
The equilibrium springs in me again

Further down the spiral I go
Baptized in blood I become divine

Take and eat you all of this for this is my blood
Void - This fleshly void, this Serpentine anti-sphere
My messianic Hate The only purpose
Death supreme Destroyer of the right and wrong

Baptizes in fire and void shed your carnal shell
Look me in the eyes and drown, I am your final hour

Baptized in blood I become divine

Behold! The Morbid Saints' last parade
Cascades of ash and swift decay
Screaming whispers of a Funeral Dawn
Rip this fucking world apart
For hate is the highest law!

In this ocean of black lava
I die a sacred death, death supreme
Everything is here, every particle
Chaos Equilibrium