Amber Riley

Hate On Me

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If i could give you the world
On a silver platter
Would it even matter?
You'd still be mad at me

If i could find in all this
A dozen roses
That i would give to you
You'd still be miserable

'coz in reality, i'm gonna be who i be
And i don't feel no faults
For all the lies that you bought
You can try as you may
Break me down but i say
That it ain't up to you
Gone and do what you do

Hate on me, hater
Now or later
'coz i'm gonna do me
You'll be mad, baby
Go 'head and hate
Go 'head and hate on me, hate on
'coz i'm not afraid of it
What i got i paid for
You can hate on me

Ooh, if i gave you peaches
Out of my own garden
And i made you a peach pie
Would you slap me high

What if i gave you diamonds
Out of my own womb
Would you feel the love in that,
Or ask "why not the moon"?

If i gave you sanity
For the whole of humanity,
Had all the solutions
For the pain and pollution

No matter where i live,
Despite the things i give,
You'll always be this way
So go 'head and....

You cannot hate on me
'cuz my mind is free
Feel my destiny
So shall it be

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