Hatred Relentless

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The madness spreads like darkness at sunset
Shock sets every nerve on fire
Individual splits into multiple maniacal parasites
Existing only for our self loathing
Masochistic wolves in sheep's clothing
Nihilistic mind implosion
And now, i am seeing red, the good in me is dead
And what's left is a violence no one can prevent
Hatred relentless, all this anger spreads
Consuming every inch of this lost existence
A sadistic urge to binge and purge
Uncontained, unrestrained, inflicting this rage on anything
A fragile condition shaped in helplessness
Shattered visions of a state of happiness
Remove the world wrapped around the conquered soul
And view the soul black, unbound, explode.
Voices of reason crippled into speechless
Silenced, stagnant
The violent season exploiting weakness
Muted, miasmic
Hatred... relentless

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