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The house is on fire!
Boin boin boin
Hauss-on-fah, hauss-on-fah, a hauss-on-fah
Boin boin boin

I hear burnin's a painful way to go
So I ain't gonna miss the show
Smell soul food cookin'
Bargain bake in apartment 3C
Bring me the head of Mister Israel Mystery
It's a coondoggy hoedown
Blackeyed peas 'n' fried nigger
With grits 'n' mammy's good ol' catfish
Corn onna cob
Don't let the seeds spoil the watermelon, y'all
And a bricktop stucco applemouth deluxe
With Cadillac ketchup onna sidecar bleedin'
Cadillac ketchup onna sidecar bleedin'
Burnin' flesh... char dem bones 'n' boin boin boin

Skull-a-tappin' out that goodtime religion
In a leisure suit of whitemeat skin
Stripped from some white bitch gangbanged by the devil's disciples
And left for dead in the desert
Hell, she sho'nuff won't be needin' it
Crow tattooed on her left hip
Crucifix 'twixt her shoulderblades
They be grindin' thru the desert dust
Ventin' steamy baboon lust
Kickin' spiccy filthy patent leather boots
Thru the confetti of her busted brains thru the bratlands
Scatter them brains, rattle dem bones 'n' boin boin boin

Floggin' the rig to corpuscle horizon
Ballin' the jack all the way to El Reno
Watchin' the white lines 'n' snortin' up Drain-O
The crablice're wearin' black ties and tuxedoes
The bloated corpses of armadillos are blockin' the road every fifteen miles
I'm yodellin' blood thru earthworm lips
The longer the linger the harder it fits
They hocked a bunch of T.B. lungers
Slid down the window and into the dust
Like eggs lookin' at'cha undercooked
Peekin' 'round corners wherever I looked
Boin... boin... boin...

Gonna lynch a few coons and rape the land
Then scram to Brazil with three hundred grand
Then leave a message onna cowcatcher
Hafta wipe off the tracks with a blotter
Two carps kissin' inna Mississippi River
Two cops kissin' inna Mississippi River

Like a hauss-on-fah... like a hauss-on-fah
Said boin boin boin boin boin

Come Jerusalem, come Jerusalem

You were born, born to burn baby
C'mon over here, honey, you 'n' me, we're gonna burn

Autor(es): Clint Ruin / Foetus Interruptus / J.G. Thirlwell

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