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It's early morning
And the sun holds no redemption for me
And I then discover
All the scratches running up and down my spine
From the other night...ha

I stagger onward
And the pain is nearly crippling me
Such sweet destruction
I'm a glutton when the decadence tastes right...
Like the other night..ha

The euphoric feeling is so right
When it seizes control, all my inhibitions are left behind
And I know that reality really won't mind
A benevolent soul, who desires to leave all their cares behind

Later in the evening
I can hear all the vices calling to me
So I take another
Little taste, to liberate my mind
From the finest kind...ha

Yeah the night's beginning
And the sea of bodies crowd around me
Ready to remember
All the greatest moments lived in their lifetime
For another night...ha

I'm not the only one. Learn a little lesson from me
I'm a leviathan, focused on fulfilling a need
The faint of heart observe the bolder ones setting the bar
A feeding frenzy when the starving just forget where they are

You're in denial when you say you never wanted a taste
And you don't really want to let this stimulant go to waste
So don't deny it...go on and try it
I'm looking forward to the moment when your mind will fall in love with the haze

Autor(es): ,M. Shadows

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