Hear Me

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I look into your eyes
And nothing matters now
Except for you my dear
I need you to hold forever
Now you know

I must admit I love you skin
Laying next to mine
I love your cheeks
When they press against my own
I love the feel in my fingers
As I run them through your hair
I love you eyes
'cause they're truthful to me

So please hear me out
I've got something to say
I love you more than I ever have before
I need you here laying next to me
My perfect flower
I can't wait to see you
Can't wait for the string to be cut now

I'm sorry things turned out this way
Shouldn't have bought you
that Christmas present
Supposed to be the jolly time of year
What a great start
I don't care who gets in my way
I'll push them away and you'll be mine
It's engraved in our destiny
Can't you see

I can't wait to see you
Can't wait to hold you
Please come over I am waiting
I'm waiting for you