Kingdom of Sorrow

Hear This Prayer For Her

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What I've seen in my lifetime
Is enough to accept all abandon
It's enough to betray my faith
Hear this prayer for her
And let me know
I'll give you my lifetime
If it must,if it must be so

I'll give it my lifetime
I need your acceptance
I want to believe
But I need your redemption
Im alone and exposed
In a war of fear,with myself
I need your belief
Your need to never see this hell
Hear this prayer now
Hear this prayer for her
I'll give you my lifetime
If it must,if it must be so

I ask of you
I beg of you
to hear this prayer
Have I given of myself to free you?
Have I taken enough abuse to save you?
Have I given enough,
Have I taken enough?
I would save you myself,
if the saving was there for you

Im crying out to you
To hear this prayer for her

I ask of you,hear this prayer now
I beg of you,hear this prayer
To hear this prayer

Autor(es): Jamey Jasta / Kirk Windstein

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