Hearts Lost In Nowhere

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"A tear falls now"

When you were a boy they said you were no good
Yea you tried and tried, but it never was enough
Now with all this on your head I'm not surprised
At the hate and pain showing in your eyes
You're a victim!

And when they start to shove you always shove right back
Anyway to ease the pressure, you attack!
Yea it seems to satisfy a need
It's a hunger that you just got to feed
You're a victim!

Hearts lost in nowhere

It's a real drag standing all alone
When you get to sleep it's the only rest you know
And you wake up with that ringing in your head
To the same old life, the same old way you live
You're a victim of a


And this preacher's telling you "You must be saved"
And you cry out "Hey, how do you know what's right for me?"
But you heart is telling you, could it be?
That there is someone who really cares for me?
God cares! God cares about your

Autor(es): Mike Stand

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