Hearts Revolution

Heart Vs The Machine

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101 Ways for 15 minutes of fame
You want them to say
What's your name
What's your name
Easy to outshine
Thanks for your thoughts
I think I'll stick with my mine

To whom it may concern
This is the story of how the revolution
Took the approach of youth in revolt against a corrupt system
They did it for the kids
They did it for hurt kurt
They did it for you and me
In the end only one will prevail
This is the story of heart vs the machine

The revolution played its second match against the machine
A system designed specifically to destroy the heart and soul of music
In the second round the machine set a trap that most kids fall for
The revolution didn't fall for it
Few had rejected the system in place which claimed guaranteed results
Through this experience it was suspected
That the creators of the machine had been
Cheating by exploiting human vulnerability during
The game to increase the strategic strength of the machine

They said the only way to win was
To play by the rules of their game
That meant creating hits
With "dr hook" and "mad max"
It was all lies
Hopeful> hopeless
Fearful <fearless

Destroy the machine
No desire
No beliefs
Satisfaction guaranteed
Fuck the hype
Ride or die
Game over
Hearts will prevail

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