Heavy Chains

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She wants to run, goin' on,
Point of no return
No looking back, hope is gone,
Just a slow burning
Lost without love, so she tries
To get all she can
Into the night, desperate eyes,
Look for helping hands

Like a scream, the siren's call
Now it seems she's lost to all
Moving slow, and trapped in pain

Don't run with heavy chains
What's left is torn apart
Heavy chains on heavy heart
Her broken life
Her broken heart
Broken promises lost and found
Just a knife
Into her heart
Keeping her down

What's left is ripped apart
Heavy chains on heavy heart
Broken pieces of life
Broken pieces of heart
Broken pieces of promises lost and found
Heavy chains like a knife
Cutting into her heart
Keeping her down

Ohh, heavy chains!

Autor(es): Masayoshi Yamashita / Minoru Niihara