Heavy Woman

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Every day she gets by
It's just another day closer to the day she die
The day is passing her by
And the night is just a sequence of her heavy cries

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she turns around
Tremors where she stood on the ground
And I promise you you never heard a sound like the sound
Of heavy woman thighs

She don't see no reason why
That a man can't get a horn with the heavy life
Don't she know she don't fly?
She just keeps on shooting butter from her butter knife

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she sat on the ?
On the floor it snapped
And I promise you you never want to find yourself trapped
In heavy woman thighs


Heaviness never lies
And heavy dreams lay beneath her heavy eyes
Yeah she was once a little girl
But somewhere down the line she fell into a heavy world

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she leans down
You can feel it in a neighbouring town
Then the scientists might think that it will affect the tides
When heavy woman dies

Autor(es): Tyler Spencer

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