He Can Be An Angel

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He'll grow up too fast his mother said
He can't wait to get in shoulder pads
The days go by so fast I can't believe
That someday he may decide it's time to leave

He never gets tired and I've never seen him bored
He'll take on a band of pirates with a lego sword
Sure knows how to make a fool of me
Sometimes I can't believe he's only three

He can be an angel he can be a monster
He can be anything but to me he's everything
He can be an angel he can be his mother's pride and joy
He's a very special little boy he is love

I pick him up each day he'll always smile and say
Look what I made today just for you
He learned a new song today then went outside to play
He went running for the ball this big guy made him fall
Yeah that's a pretty good grass stain
I'll bet mom just might complain
But I'll take all the blame
Almost every night on the way to bed he fights
And just when I think he's through well he yells out I love you
I say you know the same goes for me now you try and get some sleep
And tomorrow you can laugh and play just like you did today
Son don't ever change the way you are

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