The Echoing Green

Heidi's Song

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There's a simple kind of truth
That comes with never
And there's a certain kind of stain
That comes with forever
WELL I can hold your hand
And you take mine
And we can walk on through
To the other side of our lives
Forever's such a short time when

I can see my destiny
In your russet eyes
And I can hear a symphony
In your autumn sighs
And I can sing you a song
That'll make you cry yet smile inside
And we can hold on to each other's hearts
Til we die
And angels close our eyes

there's a secret kind of hope you hold
That you won't say
There's something special about a mystery
Told in this quiet way
But when I hear you laugh
I feel the hope of angels
The gates of Heaven
Are open to strangers tonight...
Shining like starlight

Autor(es): Joey Belville

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