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I know, a place that no one goes,
A place where no children are meant to grow.

My life, lonely life, caught in desert, dry.

May I think a way where balance is free?
Growing through, all counts in,
Move your eyes your view and it will,
It never ever breaths, protected upon the lies,
Downloading all virus can be, never mess their sight.

Better you than group, we always have to,
Preserve yourself for pain,
Already in your attitude,
Just put my back in line.
Welcome to my Hellbitat!

This nature grows this dead side of me,
I woke up in that way!

Ache like I go, (we're out of life)
Drunk like I go,
Fake like I, like take, like I, we're out of life.

Until it finally comes,
360 fence around,
The problem is too thick to now remember what have been told you clown!

What do you say?
Cruelness is meant to reassign,
Rage in you, (Never mess their sight!) rage in me, rage them all.

Another day in this real world, alive.
Bringing fast deep storm, torments red cries.

I hear low sounds, breaking in our doors,
You've got to hear this sound, delight.
You hear low sounds, feels like blowing bombs; I've got to, got to have some fun tonight.
Fell sharp thorns stretching in my soul
You've got to be my soul, delight!

Teach... me, I can feel
Teach me, odd to feel
Teach me, yearning is gone away, now do it all again
Yearning is gone to be a hollow way.

It's up to me to choose the frame of your whole life,
So you'll be there, hands revolving your twisted mind.
Lonely world, blue is all gone, plain gray all long,
Where is life? Mine, mine, this time hell's gonna get you through.

Fugitives won't escape; there is not a single door.
Frying chances of believing on noble feelings.
Games of love, beating inside this heart, dying.
Nothing can hold this weight!

Crumbling in, my reason of being is in there!
Who says your fate can't be left over mind.

There'll be my love and I

10 minutes waiting on a living sound won't fade nor else delay
Walk away; tear to shed among the trees.
(Turn around down where feather I found)
Here's this boy, another ache. Turning down again.

Here I go, there is life! I hear cries from hearts everywhere!
The day I saw life!!! Emerging...
Who's got the will to lead the way?

Whoever he may be,
Got to make it right!

A love for life,
Embrace around.
Floating in I go
Ahead there's snow,
I'm my wind
A love for dreams,
... I'm alone.

Hard to know that I crawl,
I beg, for a long, long time.
Regrets in mine common life,
Cover fight to receive the right a better cradle of my

Uh! Let the rain fall and wash the sand,
Clear my own fight.

What do you say?
Cruelness is meant to reassign.
Rage in you, rage in me, rage them all!
Another day in this real world, alive.

Bringing fast deep storm, torment red cries!

To do, what the others do.
To lie like the others do to me.
To fake like the others do.
To steal like the others do to me.
To act like the others do. It can't go on,
To kill like the others do to me like below,
To bribe like the others do. Jungle war... To steal like the others do to we. Start countdown.

To like like the others do.

Autor(es): Danilo Herbert / Miguel Spada / Mindflow / Rafael Pensado / Ricardo Winandy / Rodrigo Hidalgo