Swingin' Utters

Hello Charlatan

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Hello Charlatan, you must have been gone a long time what with the t.v. on
I lost track of the days gone by
I don't think that
I owe you anything, and i've thought about it, many times, but still can't seem to make up my mind

Hello Charlatan, it seems you want something of mine, and through your cunning lies
I see a measure of guilt in your eyes
I don't mean to imply you're trying to take something of mine but i'll try and speak up, so you can hear, because the message that I have is very clear

Friendship seems to make a man much wiser and without it
I feel I've become a drifter so it's time to push and time to shove but i'll never push and shove too hard, because the pleasure of you, and the measure of your eyes has made wonder how I could've missed the days gone by

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