Hello Kitten

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Hello kitten I don't miss sex just the feeling of skin against skin that I
The photos I take are not the photos I like, they look dull, they look crap when
placed next to real life,
You have a blue iris with a hint of burnt of sienna and it wrestles my hate to the
You have inquisitive eyebrows that make me soft centred and your lips make a purring
I'm going to make myself go blind tonight,
I'm going to make myself go blind tonight,
I'm going to build a shrine to the wasted days,
I'm going to make myself go blind tonight.
Hello kitten, you'll never know what it's like to be me when I'm
curled at your feet,
I thought you were perfect but that racist joke just made it all bitter sweet.
Won't you slap me around and make my lips a bit swollen so we can spend a day
off work,
Won't you cut up my arm and lock it in a suitcase, cause love is coming in
spurts, I'm so fucking happy it hurts

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