Hello Nurse

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She's the woman of the year
Independent, a career,
There's not a thing
That she could'nt do.

Oh, she's alert,
She's awere,
She's got legs
Like Astaire,
And a 157 I.Q.

She has several PHD's
Speaks fluent japanese,
And her shoes
Will always match
with her purse.

Watever street
She's walkin' down,
Everybody tunrs around,
And says...

She likes
Cheese and pepperoni,
Won a Pulitzer
And a Tony,
She played the leading
Role in king lear.

She never drinks,
She never smokes,
She never laughs,
At dirty jokes,
She was ambassador
To China last year.

She's politically correct
She'd never call collect,
She plays Chopin
And she doesn't rehearse.

And when she's walkin' by,
I give a litlle sigh,
And shout,

She gets her math
Equations right,
She reads Tolstoy
Every night,
She won the Nobel Prize
In physics, it's true,
She drives
A shiny new Corvette,
Sings opera at the Met,
And volunteers
Her time at the zoo.

Oh, she won
A scholarship to Yale,
Got a fullbright
In the mail
And took a two year
Junior college degree,
She's manna sent
From heaven,
Too bad I'm only seven
Cause, Hello Nurse,
I wish you'd
Take care of me!


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