Her And The Car And The Mobile Home

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Well my wife and I were happy in our trailer
But she didn't dig my runnin' around all night
Well I warned you a couple of times about leavin'
Oh but you just laughed and took it kinda light
Well I should've paid attention to her warnin'
When she told me she'd leave if I didn't change
Cause when I come home about sunup this mornin'
Well I detected somethin' mighty strange
Her and the car and the mobile home are gone boys
I was takin' off while you was a carryin' on
Now things are really shot I came home to an empty lot
Yeah me and the car and the mobile home was gone
Yeas her and the car and the mobile home was gone
Well the neighbors all around me were a laughin'
And it made me feel about ten inches tall
Ha I knew you didn't think that I'd really leave you
Ah not to mention takin' home and all
Well talk about somebody be-wildered
I bet you didn't know what to do nor where to go
I found a little consolation in my wardrobe that you left scattered on the patio
Her and the car and the mobile home...
(Yeah they was gone with everything else
Except a few old western suits she'd left scattered there on the patio
And they had mud on 'em where she'd stomped around on 'em
Stepped on them Wagon wheels busted the spokes out
You know that real nice lavander suit one that she said I looked good in
Said I looked like Tom Jones that's it hangin' over in that tree
She took that piece of chalk wrote across the front of the coat
have a good time darling you know when you're hot you're hot)

Autor(es): Dave Kirby

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