Here Comes The Image

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Busy making preparations for the coming,
Busy passing on down the line.
To such an awesome responsibility,
We most devote our lives.

Look at all the fancy buildings we can visit.
Notice all the fine detail in stone.
Light is also our priority here.
Colors on the glass delight the eye.

There in the desert night, a-glow in the focal eye.
Slow, the computer screen warms until morning rain.

Who foretells the truest story of the coming
Wherein lies the soundest house?
Such has been the bone of much contention.
It's worthy of our lives.

There under polar white, humming by megawatts.
Grains slowly take their place. Here comes the image now.

Busy making calculations of the coming.
Pride is taken on by nerves.
Maybe we weren't meant to solve such mystery.
Light upon the glass horrifies.

There under starry sky, dome takes its rightful pose.
Story's going to get a close. Here comes the image now.

Autor(es): Rheostatics

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