Here I Am

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As you smile beneath the chaos that surrounds us up to now
And suddenly my heart is filled with a warmth so deep, deep inside
Well, it looks like we are all alone, midst so many desperate cries
Yet I cannot stop to marvel all the sparkles in your eyes
Filled with courage, I am walking towards you
Every footstep is a weight against my will
But I give in...Oh, you're too much for me
I'll return just like the coward I've always been

Here am I; controlling
All the loves you swore unbroken
They'll never surpass me
I must earn the path I've chosen

Take me, take my arms
Break me, kill me now!

Love me, have my life
Burn me and steal my heart!

Can you remember when we were together?
I really don't know if it could've been better
Maybe it could or maybe it couldn't
It doesn't matter anymore; I wish you the best of luck

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