Barren Cross

Here I Am

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I've been a fool Lord, can You forgive me for what l have done
I've been living my life by my own rules, l walked away from your holy Son
Oh God now l finally realize that there is only one thing l can do
I repent from my sin, set me free once again, Lord myself l present unto You

Here l am, take all of me,
Send your almighty power to come over me
Here l am, take all of me,
You have given me everything I'll ever need
Forgive me

You hold the answers Lord, the key to this human race
To know that I'm safe and secure in your arms here on earth
There is no better place
Oh God give me faith to live by your word glorify You in all that l do
It is this that l pray, in your arms I will stay
My God l cry out to You


(Bridge, solo)


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