Day At The Fair

Here Lies Our Holiday

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We signed both our names
And the cards were done,
By acting so old we felt
So young, and you licked
The stamps and i lit the tree,
You faked a nap and watched
Me open your presents without your permission,
The smile on your face,
I knew i was forgiven,
I said i'm sorry and you said
I love you too

Thank you, for this year,
A collage full of pictures you made me,
In my heart, and my dreams,
Thanks for the christmas
You've given to me

That was the last year you came home,
I'll decorate change on a payphone,
Cause you took my stocking and i burned our tree,
You fell in love and gave me
Nothing but reasons to hate winter seasons,
Breaking those promises i've left for leaving,
I'll send a card that says heres goodbye to you

I'll forget you next year,
I'm torching those pictures you gave me,
And my heart, so broke it bleeds,
Thanks for the christmas you murdered for me

Here lies our year,
The headstone that you kindly made me,
And your eyes, they'll never see,
The season that you made and murdered for me

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