Herman Let's Dance That Beautiful Waltz

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[1st verse:]
Miss Lena Kraussmeyer with hair red as fire
Last Saturday went to a ball
There stood Mister Herman, a sweet little German
The best that was dressed in the hall
The music played dances like ragtime and lanciers
But no one would go on the floor
So quickly the band played a waltz that was grand
A waltz that made sweet Lena roar

Herman let's dance to the tune of that beautiful waltz
Now listen you German, I'm talking to you
I'll do something dear you don't want me to do
So come on take a chance and I'll know that your love isn't false
A feeling that's healing comes stealing while spieling
That beautiful, beautiful waltz

[2nd verse:]
I heard that a coon who heard Mendelssohn's tune
Kissed the first man she saw, if it's true
That very same feeling I feel on me stealing
And Herman I'm looking at you
So close both your eyes, make believe you ain't wise
Only pucker your lips into place
Think of five hundred meld or a sweet Anna Held
While I kiss the hole in your face

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