He Took The Scars

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Sometimes I think about the cross that He endured
Laying down His life unselfishly
And how His suffering means I can rest assured
In His saving grace
Oh when He took our place

He took the scars, felt the pain
Suffered loss so we could gain
This precious life, precious love that we are feeling
He took our sin and the fall
Left His hope here for us all Jesus took the scars
And left us with the healing
Left us with the healing

There is no brokenness that we could ever bring
That would ever be too much for Him to bear
Mistakes and failures don't mean a thing
Anymore That's what He was dying for…


There was beauty in the tragedy
In His death we found new birth
It was unrelenting love
For every soul on the earth


Autor(es): Hamm / Words

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