Nat and Alex Wolff

Hey Bartholomew

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Hey bartholomew,
Won't you come out and play?
Everyone else,
Has left and gone away.
Hey bartholomew,
Please don't be afraid.
If you decide to join me,
Together we'll be safe.

Show your face.
Show your face.

Hey bartholomew,
We got no time to waste.
I'll take you 'round the earth,
If you'll jump in my suitcase.
We'll be the perfect two,
Like from some old adventure book.
Ride horses into the sunset,
And take down wanted crooks.

Show your face.
Show your face.
Hey, hey bartholomew,
This is my last plea.
If you're set on staying hidden,
Then i guess we'll never see,
What life may have brought us,
If we just lived and took a chance.
Could've been quite a pair,
Greatest known to man.

Show your face.
Show your face.

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