Montgomery Gentry

Hey Country

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halter tops
firebird from a chop shop
six cold bud
screamin at the cops yeah you know the....
can't you see, can't you see
what that womans
been doin to me

Well thats jay, in the back seat
Marshall Tucker crankin on the CD
never could sing a lick, hes a hick
just like me


Hey Country!
Fresh off the far
Hey Country!
Look at that cowboy hat
everybody everybody everybody sing

check it out

A small town
busted dreams
turn eighteen
join the marines
get a crew cut
a tattoo
tell your girlfriend you'll be right back

boot camp
push ups
you get a gun and ya muscle up

[i dont know but ive been told....]


Two years and ex-wife later
i got a job patchin up radiators
[and the occasional fuel pump]
savin' up and movin to the city
well there i was, workin on a tuesday
when a firebird showin its age pulled up, to the middle bay


Autor(es): Bart Allmand / Danny Myrick / Jeffrey Steele

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