Hey Love

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I haven't felt you for a while
I haven't had much opportunity to smile
I see you in the eyes of couples passing by
As soulmates kiss, the innocence,
Too long I've been denied.

Hey love, where you going
Hey love, how you been
I wish you'd stay a little longer
No, that's ok, I understand
Maybe another day
Hey love, old friend,
There you go again.

I found a photo and you were there
Captured in our faces
Just before you disappeared
It was nice to know you, if only for a while
To come and go with a sweet hello
And a bittersweet goodbye.


I don't know where I am
I don't know
I don't know where I am

And if every new beginning
Is just another's end
Tell me love, why should i begin


There you go again
Can you come back?
Can you come back love?
Can you come back?
Can you come back love?

Autor(es): Monty Powell

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