A Life Divided

Hey you

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Is there really something here
that's worth fighting for?
Could you show me something
on this earth you adore?
Is it all just a waste of time?
Do I lie when I say that I don't mind?
Do we come from out of space?
Am I the lie that I create?
Does It really matter in the end anyway?
If we give a fuck about ourselves?

Hey you - what do you do
when everything comes back
into your days again?
Would you say you're not responsible?
Hey you fool - what do you do
when everything is slipping
out your hands again?
Would you say you're not responsible?

How the hell could you explain to me
what's big or small?
Does it make any sense to you
that we live at all?
Would you say that we all are blind?
Full of broken dreams
inside narrow minds?
Do you look at the sky at night?
Do you still question it's size?
Is there really something
out of reach and out of sight?
That even gives a shit about our lives?

I wonder if we're ever gonna be
so free to see
the contribution that we pay
to our society
I know we'll never be
so why the fuck are we here?
Is this everything?

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