Hiding Place

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You alone are my hiding place
You alone are my only refuge in the storm
You alone can bring the calm

Well as i survey all the land every ocean and sea
Every hill and every valley.every mountain and tree
Oh he.he alone is the shelter for me
From the east unto the west and the north to the south
My soul is truly blessed every time i´m about
Yes he.he is the only true comfort for me

Now when no longer can i walk i know the lord god will carry
Me to this place of solitude, his holy sanctuary yes he.
He is the only true refuge for me, solace in my trials and comfort in my pain
You grant me peace in the eye of a hurricane,i´m gonna magnify your name

So i will sing you songs of praise and acknowledge all your ways
And glorify you in every way!sing you songs of praise and acknowledge all your
Ways and glorify you in every day.

Autor(es): Mark Mohr