Josh Garrels

Hiding Place

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Someway, out there
Can anybody hear my pray and
Save me
From this dark land

If I had wings
I would fly away from everything
That hurts me and tears me down

Is there a home for a mother and a child?
In a world with no place left to hide
We will run through the way is dark and long
And we will sing You're our hope, You are our song

Lord, take my hand
Lord, help me stand

Days are getting colder
I can see the soldiers
Marching up to burn us down
I take my Mama's right hand
Tears are on my face and
She says: son it's time to summon the courage now
Run for your life, child
Flee into the night while
We still have the chance to make it out here alive
And even though we walk through the valley of death you fear no evil
You will survive

Cuz there's a home for a mother and a child
In this world, only one place left to hide
So we will run through the way is rough and long
And we will sing Alleluia to our God

Lord, you've overcome
Lord, lead us home
Lead us home

Autor(es): Josh Garrels