Highschool Confidential

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She's a Cool Blonde Scheming Bitch
She Makes My Body Twitch
Walking Down the Corridor
You Can Hear Her Stilettos Click
I Want Her So Much I Feel Sick
The Girl Can't Help It, She Really Can't Help It Now

It's Like a Highschool, Highschool Confidential

Teenage Brandos Stalk Her in the Halls
They Tease Her With Cat Calls
She's a Combination Anita Eckberg, Mamie Van Doren

Dagmar Highschool Confidential

What's the Principal Doin' With Her Who's That Girl
Is She Screwing With Her
What's Her Perfume: Tigress By Fabergé
She Makes Me Cream My Jeans
When She's Coming My Way

She Drives a Candy Pink Cadillac
If I Don't Get Her Soon, I'll Have a Heart Attack
When She Flashes Me a Look I Wanna Burn My Books
Givin'up, Givin'up, Givin'up High-high-high..

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