Highway 2.000.000

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Hey!!and in my lonely hour weekend
I feel the stars stuff the hook
I swear that all these thing I might be guilty of
just came to happen on the road I took
I don't know why I jumped this turn
and what made me love her right from the moment we were born
and all the stars they were falling right from the night I had this call
yeah, rightand I know only where it startedon a cold and lonely highway
well my arms were reaching into the land beyonda saw the stars out in the night
and a million winding roads and heavy horses up there moving on the wind and
and all the time that they were pull pull right boy
I enjoy the sickness of my heart
and I took up a trail that ran along a frozen highway
my head was numb and I was starved but right from the start I have this call yeah
oh I don't know why I took this turn
now I know that I must burn but I ain't sorry for the road I took off
the holy books are open wide and I'll be forgiven there's something in there
that keeps on pulling me apart right now I stand beneath the sky
with a second guiding eyemy hands forever stained with blood and
I couldn't feel my body moving and from inside I felt this pull oh this pull