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funny how my mind works
it erases entire ages
but it saved what you were wearing when we met
and i remember your account of
growing up inside a movie
and my annoyance at your half-smoked cigarettes

you set me ablaze just for a second
and snuffed me out before i got your name
i never got the hang of turning blind eyes
but you left a mean impression just the same

if there was some connection
between my heart and my endurance
i might have found the courage to stay
so i tell myself in hindsight
that you were pretty hard to save
it's like you set the place on fire
so we could watch you burn away

i don't know how you managed
to get us wrapped around your finger
but i wonder if it ever wore you out
and i hardly have a memory
of finally stealing my fifteen minutes
but i'm sure i've got no reason to be proud