Perry Como

Hit and Run Affair

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I really thought I knew it all concerning sweet romance
'Cause when it came to purdy girls, I'd always take a chance
I felt that I could handle love with just a little luck
Then all at once you hit me like a ten tonne diesel truck!

Hit and run, hit and run - you left me cryin' there
Wasted love, a victim of a hit and run affair!
Had your fun, now you're done, my bleeding heart is bare
Couldn't see that it would be a hit and run affair!

The way that Grant took Richmond was the way you captured me
You roped me and ya tied me, I was helpless as can be!
You told me purdy stories, and you said you'd never stray
Ya picked me up and knocked me down, and then you ran away!

[Chorus x 2]


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