Blink 182


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would you like to pose
in your abercrombie cloths
wear shirts made for hoe's
oh how about iti hate girls with with a big fat ass
there only good for passing gas
lyin down getin tans in the grass
there fat and uglyi dont care if youv been in a magazine
i want a girl who wits are keen
brain runs so fast that it cant be seen
thats what i wantthe devil possese your heart
but dont worry hes just an old stale fart
so old that he cant make you any less smart
go to a priestim not intrested in a hoar
so ill show you to the door
stop cryin on the floor get in your boat and grab the oar
row awayits near the end of my song
so go shopping for a thong
go suck someones ding dong
thats a chineese namethis is my final goodbye
go find you another guy
leave me alone