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Today I woke up screaming
I can't believe it's true
Not much left for crying
For this childish fool
I drift away from my pain
Seventh frickin' time
Mind in my delusion
I believe I'm dry to cry

I'm running my illusions
As far as I can take
Agony is falling
But insanity's delayed
I crucify my social life
I'm makin' it for real
Purify my ecstasy
Can't believe it's truly me

Caught up and drained,
In the eye of the storm
I'll fade away with the anger I hold
My dreams are defined
I can't find a place where I belong

I'm lying to myself
And it's weakening my sight
Open my troubles wide
But the feeling is not right
I'll get away from my pain
By talkin' to myself
Waiting for my fears to break
I have nothing more to share

Autor(es): Entwine / Janne Tauriainen

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