Frozen Mist

Holy Hell

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These graves bleed like marble like tears from the blackened sky.
Are you buried in this holy heaven or are you buried in a holy hell?
We're crawling like zombies,
A gash of rotting, putrid skin.
You drink my sweet taste of blood while consuming your erotic sins.
The vampires of outer destiny,
They watch the falling stars,
We await for the cemetery rain to uncover the unholy scars.
I patiently spin my web of desire,
A little atrocity designed in dread.
This horrid night they creep into my mind,
Your erotic sexual pleasure
I find.
My throat lies a path full of filth,
And your legs
I devour: their so full of silk.
Running's not possible without any fucking legs,
The seasons of death arrive without any snow.
A pasture of lace lies charmed within my sight,
It's impossible to escape this wicked dream.
My throat burns a blistered passion you reveal.
A dawning of light blinds the weak souls you possess.
Your eyes calm my wretched desires that
I conceal.
Revelations of death succumb the evil spirits
I caress.
Our thoughts bleed like candles like tears from the whitened sky.
You're not buried in a holy heaven,
You are buried in this holy hell!

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